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We all would like to get a paycheck every Friday without having to work for it. Unfortunately, you will have to do something to earn a paycheck, but you won't have to work as hard as most people think.

We will pay you every Friday for simply placing free ads online, posting links in forums, blogs, on social networks and other websites. Earn $20.00 to $20,000.00 a week depending on how hard you want to work. All you need is some spare time, a computer with an internet connection and be old enough to work and legally receive a paycheck.

Unlike all the scams and get rich schemes you see, with our program we pay you directly for advertising for us. No tricks here, no scams. You do not have to invest one penny, you don't have to buy anything. It is absolutely FREE to participate and you deal directly with the people issuing the checks.

  You will post links and ads intended to send us new customers for our website hosting business and we will share the gross sales with you. You get 60% of the first years payments for each of the people that signs up as a result of your ads or links. That is $150 for each new sign up resulting from just placing our link on a website.

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It is that simple and straight forward. We pay you every Friday for sending us business.

Paychecks are mailed every Friday so you will never be waiting for your money. It is the fastest way to earn extra cash available to anyone online. Post one ad on Wednesday and get 1 sale that day, you would get paid on Friday!

The idea is that you place many ads and get multiple sales from each ad or link. Since forum and blog links can stay up for years each link could yield countless sales. But even if you only get a few sales a year from one link it is still hundreds of dollars for placing one link. That should be worth spending a few minutes of your time.

It is a win win scenario. We build our business and you get paid for promoting us.

If you are on the fence and don't know if it is a good or a bad deal, try it. What do you have to lose? You don't have to spend any money, you can't get cheated out of any cash and you might just get a big fat paycheck on Friday.

You will have our direct contact information, phone number and you will be able to contact us 7 days a week for support or with any questions or concerns about your payments.

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To sign up and get more details on payouts and posting guidelines go to our sales agents website There you will be able to track traffic from links, conversions to sales and payments. You will also be required to fill in some paperwork and mail it to us (the paper work is required by law so we can legally pay you).

Testimonials - If you don't believe us, here is what other people are saying about our program.

I figured this was just like every other get rich quick scam I see advertised. But with no cost and very little effort I took a shot. And wow I am sure glad I did! With 10 paychecks under my belt I can finally enjoy college life with some extra cash in my pocket. The extra beer money is always useful on Friday nights. ... Joe, Gainsville FL
I never thought posting an ad on craigslist for someone else would make me money. $1000 later I am a believer!... Richard, Chapel Hill NC
I spend 2 hours a week and get a paycheck every week. Its easy and fun to chat with people online and make money doing it. Tabitha, College Station TX
I love your program because it pays! Every week I can depend on that check in the mail and I run down to the atm and deposit it. I would be lost without the weekly paycheck. ... Samita, Bloomington IN
I don't care if you are a cheerleader, a jock or a grad student. Let's face it, $150 or more for posting one ad? It's a no brainer. ... Justine, Carmel CA

This program was originally set up for our full time outside sales agents. The commission is very high because the sales agents are traveling door to door speaking to business owners personally. But now the program is open to anyone and has been expanded with web tracking so you can work from home. That means you make the same commission working from home placing an ad as our sales agents do on the road meeting with business owners.

Consider the breakdown of your time. If you place one ad on a free website like craigslist and you get one sale you earn $150.00 for about 3 minutes of your time. If the ad gets 3 sales you make $450.00 for the same 3 minutes of your time. If the ad gets 10 sales you make $1500.00 for 3 minutes of your time.

Then consider if you spend a few hours a week placing ads and they all get just one sale. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that is going to be a huge pile of money.

We offer the highest potential earnings and fastest payouts of any revenue sharing program online. It is not a scheme or a scam, we actually provide an amazing e-commerce website for small business at an unbelievable low price of $20 a month. It is a product you can be proud to promote and confident that people using it will be satisfied.

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Q: Is this going to cost me money? What are the hidden charges?
A: You won't spend one penny! You send us customers, we pay you. It is just like working a job, you do the work you get paid. You would not pay your employer to work for them. Programs that cost you money are scams, we are a legit company promoting our software product.

Q: Can you deposit the money directly into my bank account?
A: At this time we pay all commissions by paycheck because that is how we pay our current sales agents. As the internet program grows and the number of participants increases we will offer additional payment methods and most likely direct deposit.

Q: What am I promoting?
A: You will be promoting our "
do it yourself website hosting" system. A system that provides a complete website that people can edit and manage themselves right online. It is a top of the line hosting platform that has been simplified so anyone can use it to run their own website.

Q: Do I have to get a minimum amount to be paid?
A: No, we pay every week as long as you have more than $0.00 in commissions.

Q: Can I just refer one person I know and then quit?
A: Yes, you do not have to participate full time. If you know one person that needs a website and you send them to us you can take your $150 and run.

Q: How can I be sure you will actually pay me?
A: We have been in business paying commission since 1997. We have paid millions in commissions. This is a referral program, if we did not pay we would have been out of business years ago.

Notes: is only an introductory website to explain how our program works and make people understand that you will be paid every Friday. All further tracking and payments will be done from the main website Our company has been in business since 1997 and has paid out millions in commissions through various programs. All payments are guaranteed by our parent corporation.

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